Working Class Pin


Working dads enamel pin 1.5”

I put this together thinking of my pops. I remember waking up early to greet the sun with my dad in his Chevy as we drove to the job. How he wore boots that would make his feet tired. How he loves calabacitas, eating them and growing them. These boots made him tough, they made me and my brothers tough, my sister too jaja.

Calabacitas are resilient, plentiful, hard and abrasive at times. Protective and nourishing nonetheless.

An O’odham home girl once told me those are traits we need to adapt if we are to survive, being tough but gentle.

I dedicate this to the working class and the homeboys in my life, the dads, the ones who don’t have kids but are positive examples to young ones in our community. May we continue to grow, provide and protect.