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22”x22” Cotton Bandana
Comes with a Nahui Ollin sticker.
Masc representation of earth. Tlatecuhtli “el señor se la tierra”. I adapted this image from the center of the Aztec calendar. The skull represent transformation, how everything underground is in constant motion. The Ollin symbol is found as the predominant patter or structure of the image as well as serving as the symbol of the eagle with the talons in the side, its wings as a butterfly and the beak upwards towards the zenith and it’s tail feathers at the bottom.

Perfect for any gardener tending the land, any warrior defending it and anyone who likes bandanas or good ancestral art.

Bandanas are made by the Colectiva of women in Agua Prieta, Sonora MX: DouglaPrieta Trabaja and printed at the GlooFactory a union shop in Tucson Az.