METAL bici Mayahuel


5” tall aluminum brushed vinyl sticker. Bike frame shines.

Defending the hood and mama earth.

Mayahuel is always referred to as our mother. She’s the provider of food, of clothes, of drink and tools (needles) for sewing, piercing and takas. She is Fertility and abundance.

But Mayahuel is so much more than that. They are also our homegrl exemplifying resilience, just like a community organizer carrying and providing many pieces that we may need. Tatted up with a jimador and a Tochtli on her arms, with her nickname Luna on her knuckles, and Tlaloc on her neck. Peddling in her classic Nike Cortez with hoops and a nose piercing. Repping a small piece of our cultura or the evolution of it.

On the south side of Tucson we have sorry excuses for bike paths. But no trees, no shade, no green scapes. If we planted trees right now, they will not mature to provide shade to prevent heat island effect. As we know climate change hits communities of color the hardest. We are already behind and to put bike lanes with no trees is a disservice to our community and facade, acting like doing the bare minimum will help us survive the climate crisis that is about to hit our hood.

So let’s join Mayahuel and all the bike clubs and crews as we ride for the hood to implement real environmental changes that include not only infrastructure but green space that represents our barrio, culture and environment.

Let’s be bici warriors.