Earth Plum

22”x22” cotton bandana
Comes with a Coatlicue Sticker

My remastered fourth design in my earth warrior series. Coatlicue Tonantzin is the feminine representation of earth. Covered in serpents that represent the movement of all life on earth, the water, the wind the plants. Serpents represent knowledge, the act of shedding and letting go.

Available just in time to prepare for December 12th when our Mexican culture celebrates Mother Earth as la virgen de Guadalupe vía colonization.

One size fits all.

You can use them to look badass. Carry seeds. Protect your face when gardening and when you’re out defending Mother Earth. They are for whatever you want to do with them. They’re bandanas!!!

Our bandanas are printed at the the gloofactory a union print shop, in Tucson Arizona. the bandana themselves are made by a women collective at DouglaPrieta Works in Douglas-Agua Prieta, on the Arizona-Sonora border.