CAJEME sticker

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Cultura, barrio and cardio.

This image represents so much of me. Reclaiming identity, our traditional ways and the experience that surrounds us.

I remember my experience as a indigenous migrant being disconnected from my culture. My oaxaqueño heritage. Luckily, my dad is from Sonora. My family is Yaqui and O’odham. Even if some don’t claim it, the long story of colonization. Well I was fortunate to have uncles and aunts expose me to our culture. My tia Ana and tio Hugo would take me to see the fariseos and be around my yaqui relatives who I shared history with. Going to OP (old pascua) and hearing the songs, music , tasting the food and smelling the burning mesquite. It was home. Where I felt like I truly belonged.

In Sonora baseball is hella big. Unfortunately growing up there were no images that represented us, only the baseball team los Yaquis de Obregón - and my dad and uncles would share stories of their days playing baseball and going to the stadium. As conflicting as the logo is - for some of us it is all we had to show who we are. Which is why I share my stories through images. These are pieces that represent me and my experience.

El Maso is there because no mater what that’s what’s in front of us. Of me. Reclaiming who I am, being my authentic self. With my stories.

I grew up in the 90s-2000s so cholo culture surrounded us. Loweriders, dickies, chucks. Just us being us. Being our beautiful selves.

Ride with me. Share your stories and experiences.
Thank you for reading and supporting.