Bici Tlaloc


~4” vinyl sticker (brushes aluminum)

I’ve had a special relationship with Tlaloc.

Soy Zapoteca, BiniZaa, in our original tongue. Gente de las nubes. We follow the rain, the cycles of planting. A circular motion. Like a spinning bike wheel.

I practice water harvesting (certified too) through techniques I have dubbed earth bending making swales, berms and basins. That’s the foundation for water bending that took me to working with grey water; a practice my mom taught me as she would have my brothers and I take buckets of laundry water to the buganvilias. Now I water our citrus trees and all kinds of plants with chonie water. And harvest the fruits and flowers. Hit me up to learn more.

This image was inspired by my work with @barrio_campesinxs and @fugatucson. The intersection of mobility, regenerative neighborhoods and culture.